From small bathroom makeovers to new custom builds, NZH has the answer.



Our Goal

NZH Contracting was founded with the goal of designing, building, and renovating quality homes built for future generations. We’ve since grown to include a Commercial and Tenant Improvement division, but we’ve never lost sight of the true intention behind our original goal: building quality, sustainable buildings; regardless of the intended use! We stand behind our product; and that’s why we offer such a great warranty.

How Do We Do It?

Plan, plan, plan! Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back and enjoy the process while we do the heavy lifting? Metaphorically, and literally! Our team has over 50 years combined experience planning and managing projects in a wide variety of industries, with our entire management team holding advanced education specifically in project management. We’ve developed an air-tight project management process that allows us to seamlessly build anything you ask for in a timely and efficient manner.

Sustainable Building:

Sustainable building means so much more to us than just being environmentally responsible. We always do our best to find the happy medium between environmental/green sustainability, building longevity, and the creature comforts we’re used to. We strive to make sure that all of our projects provide lasting, legacy deliverables that our clients love. From siting and design, straight through construction and warranty, we ensure that no stone is left unturned; Your build will be perfect for you!

- Aric Bagshaw, Founder & President

Our Team

At NZH, the old adage rings true: the whole really is bigger than the sum of its parts! We’re a team of experts with individually proven track records of successes. Together we have over 50 years combined experience in construction, but by working closely together we’re able to improve complement each other!

If you think you’d be a great addition to our team, we’d love to meet you! Send us a message below, or email resumes to

We can’t possibly list our entire team here on the interwebs, but here are the ones you’re most likely to meet.

Aric Bagshaw
President, Founder

Aric Bagshaw is the founder of NZH Contracting with over 10 years professional experience managing building and renovation projects of all sizes. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Guelph, a diploma in Construction Project Management, and post-graduate certificate in Building Science form University of Toronto. Clients appreciate his hands-on approach and keen eye for design aspects. Aric enjoys staying involved with all projects from beginning to end to ensure they are meeting the NZH standard for quality and design

Amanda Beauchamp
General Manager

Amanda wears a lot of hats; she manages all of the company’s finances, administration, and human resources. Like Aric, Amanda is also a graduate of Humber’s post-graduate Project Management program, with additional degrees in Business Administration/Accounting and English, and part of a diploma in Musical Theatre. She has 5 years of experience managing administrative and project teams and is currently a CMA Candidate.

Tracey Bagshaw
Director of Sales & Marketing, Design

Tracey is our in-house decorator, as well as our sales and marketing coordinator. When she isn’t wrangling 3 kiddos, she is also working towards a certificate in Interior Design.

Mike Cesario
Nelson Homes Liaison

A framer by trade, Mike has his own successful business outside of NZH, Upper Canada Construction. However, we know him as our Nelson Homes Liaison.

Neil Van Vugt
Lead Hand & Service Tech

Neil has over 40 years’ experience working hands-on in the construction industry, with a focus in tiling and flooring. Neil handles our in-house tiling and flooring projects as well as any extra post-completion service items to ensure our clients are well-taken care of after we leave. The best thing about Neil is that he could have retired years ago: he just sticks around because he loves what he does so much!


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